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Meet Our Team

We are a team of individuals passionate about what we do.

We strive to listen and engage with a wholistic approach.


An experienced Project Manager with a deep understanding of how Change Management challenges your business and your workforce.

With experience spans across the Corporate, Public and Non-For Profit Market. Over 20 years experience in the Disability Sector.

B. Social Science - Edith Cowan University - Perth Australia

Dip. Counselling - Edit Cowan University - Perth Australia

Cert IV Project Management - MTS - Sydney Australia

Cert IV Training & Assessment - Pollak - Sydney Australia

My academic and career achievements combined with my passion for Workforce Education and Filling The Business Gap are the perfect recipe to support organizations succeeding through change.

An enthusiastic problem solver with a passion for Social Justice and Systemic Change.


Experienced in the operations of the Not-For-Profit sector, as well as the For-Profit market with a focus in:  Project Coordination, Fundraising and Community Organizing

Bachelors of Arts in Sociology - Regis University- Denver Colorado


My education and career experience has allowed me to gain the knowledge required to support companies on their path to flourishing.

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