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“I recommend that the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast be supplemented by a Statue of Responsiblity on the West Coast.”
              Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning


The “Launch” Phase of a Project is exciting and permeated with a sense of novelty and trepidation.


Project Management has evolved over time and working from home to troubleshoot the complexity of COVID-19 has pushed Project Teams to become even more agile.

E-Centre Solutions decided to launch the True-Blue Project in the attempt to discover the business potential in other countries. The U.S. being the first territory on our list.

Launched on September, 1st the Project gives us the opportunity to dive into a thorough research and build connections.

For this reason, we asked Sophia Abraham to collaborate with us and share her knowledge and experience in the U.S. Non-For Profit sector with us.


As E-Centre Solutions continues to provide support and services to its customers, Sophia has been busy digging deep into the digital tunnels of the internet and liaising with organizations in the U.S. to research several topics.

Over the coming months, you will have the chance to read about  her progress and discoveries.

We are truly excited to discover how our cousins across the ocean do things and operate on a day to day basis.

                                       Stay tuned and learn with us!

In our Initial Project Phase, we have been focusing on researching, identifying and comparing Assessment Tools.


In the Human Services Sector, Assessment Tools are fundamental for identifying individuals' needs, level of support required and services available to meet such needs.

In Australia the tools used are dictated by Sector's Standards and Funding requirements.


Our research aims at getting to know what tools and process are employed across the Pacific, among other things.


For example, you might be interested to know that in the US the DABS - Diagnostic Adaptive Behavior Scale is used to assess individuals' needs.

Keep reading our updates, see you next month with more information.

Government Building Columns

The Project continues with the aim to better understand how Funding and in particular grants can make a difference in delivering services to vulnerable citizens.


Thus far we have found many similarities, but also key differences in how service delivery is financially supported in Australia and in the US.


Our initial observations is a potential for higher 'burn-out' rate across the delivery front line due to limited or very prescriptive financial resources. The upside is  however a closer inter-agency work and more creative solutions for the benefit of the recipient.


Advocacy agencies hold a greater responsibility. 

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