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I Appreciate You - the benefit of open communication

I recently visited Nordstrom for a spot of shopping. As the shop assistant handed me the receipt for my purchase she announced "I appreciate You!". The unusual statement lingered in my mind for the rest of the day and it got me thinking about a number of things. In the world of Brene' Brown aficionado's we all understand the importance of gratitude. We might even keep a gratitude journal, but really when do we simply say to another person that we appreciate them? Is it different to be grateful for something someone has done and simply reminding them that we appreciate them, not only their actions or the benefits that these present for us.

I Appreciate You. A very powerful statement.

At a time of working-from-home, busy zooming and attempting to connect digitally we understand the power of Teamwork and good communication. Possibly because it took a while to learn how to communicate in remote, via screen and technology we might not be that comfortable or familiar with. Possibly because "connecting" via zoom has made our connections more on a need-basis, as opposed to a "water-cooler" interaction. So the social element of our conversations has reduced dramatically. Whilst the introvert might bloom in this context, the more extrovert are surely taking a while to adjust. As we adjust to a new way to work in a team and to communicate, it is still important to express how we appreciate our colleagues, their work and contribution.

How are we communicating in between weaker signal and background noises? We might have set up a professional background to our zoom page to hide the laundry baskets waiting to be taken care of, but are we ensuring to continue the human conversation that doesn't just go straight to the point? Or are we using the meeting lulls, as we are waiting on the attendees who are running late, as a social debrief, as we are starved for human connection, and we are forgetting to check-in how others are doing? Remind them that their work is equally important? Are we keeping all gates open? Or are we now more prone to open them when it's more suitable to our needs and interest?

Who are you going to greet and acknowledge in your upcoming working day?

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